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Handmade Ring that Leah Meleski Created from Sterling Silver, Gold and a Green Amethyst. Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Ring
A bracelet created by Leah Meleski in Sterling Silver and Brass with the inspiration of a Ginkgo Leaf.
Sterling Silver Necklaces from Leah Meleski's Infused Collection. The Pendant's are resemblant of a flower blossoming or unfurling. One necklace is oxidized and the other has a high polished finish.
The Sterling Silver and Brass Earrings are from Leah Meleski's Soul-cology Collection.

Art allows one to speak from the heart, body and soul and becomes a reflection of the self and how you see the world. How do you express your spirit?


Leah is a motivated, passionate artist, metalsmith and art educator. She received her Bachelors in Art Education & Fine Arts 3D/Metals from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2008 and has been teaching ever since. Once a middle school art teacher, and forever an artist and educator.


In Leah's studio, you will find powerful, bold, radiant jewelry that inspires. She specializes in creating handmade jewelry, custom orders and teaching private jewelry classes. Each piece of jewelry is consciously crafted with gemstones, silver and gold. 

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