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Students will learn the basics of creating a sterling silver ring with the addition of a cabochon gemstone. Students will start with sterling silver sheets and learn how to size, saw, and solder. They will then create their bezel, solder again, polish, set their gemstone, and then texture the ring. Each student will leave with an appreciation of the skills it takes to create original jewelry and a stunning bedazzled sterling silver ring!

Rings: Cabochons!

February 2-4


Metalsmithing & Jewelry 1

Tuesdays: February 6-March 26

Have you ever wondered how to create stunning one-of-a-kind jewelry? If so, this beginning jewelry class series is for you. It is the perfect introductory class that will help you to develop fundamental metalsmithing skills, good studio habits, and an appreciation for handcrafted jewelry.

Throughout this class series, you will learn essential processes and techniques that create the foundation for good studio practice. Class time will be spent learning a variety of processes that include piercing shapes from metal with a jeweler’s saw, adding texture to metal, soldering, and annealing metal with a torch. As well as how to bezel set a cabochon gemstone and create a stunning sterling silver ring. While a majority of these processes are reinforced through the creation of samples, you will also leave class with several finished original pieces of jewelry including a ring and a pendant.


Mentored Open Studio

Wednesdays: February 28-March 27

Do you have a project that you have been struggling with or maybe have dying to make but have no idea how to start?

Join Leah in the jewelry studio and work on a personal project that you need help with. Students are asked to come to class with a project that may be unfinished or several sketches of project(s) that you want to work on. The class will include a discussion of fabrication techniques and specific demonstrations on techniques tailored to assist you in completing your own project.


This class will encourage independence and foster confidence in the Jewelry Studio while preparing you for our independent Open Studio time.

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Beginning Jewelry: Art of the Ring

Saturday : March 23




This one-day workshop introduces the basics of creating a sterling silver ring. Students start with a sterling silver sheet and learn how to size, saw, solder, polish, and texture the ring. You’ll leave with a solid foundation of metalsmithing skills and a beautiful new sterling silver ring! 

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Private Classes Available

You can sign yourself up or host a class with up to two friends.

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